Monday, October 5, 2009

(Hey Peeps: All week long I'm celebrating my mom who is turning 60! Therefore, all poems this week will be about mothering, daughtering, love of family, the feminine and aging with grace. Here's to the womyn who gave me life and who lives so courageously. Here's hope for "new freedoms born of detachment." Here's poetry for momma. Love and respect, Ejoye)

"Gestalt at Sixty" by May Sarton

I am not ready to die,
But I am learning to trust death
As I have trusted life.
I am moving
Toward a new freedom
Born of detachment,
And a sweeter grace--
Learning to let go.

I am not ready to die,
But as I approach sixty
I turn my face toward the sea.
I shall go where tides replace time,
Where my world will open to a far horizon
Over the floating, never-still flux and change.
I shall go with the changes,
I shall look far out over golden grasses
And blue waters....

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Steve C said...

Happy Birthday, Martha Lynn--Oct 7.